Sunday, 27 November 2011

Venice Inspiration

I am working on a new piece of work, a column based on Architecture and buildings decay.
See the column sculpture, 'Jeannetta Sculpiturio' on my art portfolio site
I saw these wonderful videos on the Venetian Carnival and Experience and it led me down new ways and techniques within the art piece.
Hope it inspires you too!

How to make a Fascinator

I have been making Hats and Fascinators with some of my students on a Textile Tuesday.
I found this video and was 'fascinated' and transferred some of the techniques into our
See the post on my Quilters Cottage Blog

How to make a Christmas Bauble

I have been making Christmas Ornaments for many years now and I got the opportunity
to make Christmas baubles this month at our Weeting Quilters Group. Enjoy the video and then visit my post at Quilters Cottage to see the wonderful fabrics, trimmings and finished baubles.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

November 5th

I didn't go out this November the 5th but enjoyed viewing some
of the fireworks from a near by display from the our conservatory
as it was raining hard.
Then Stewart and I watched ' V for Vendetta'.
A controversial film about 'The Gun Powder Plot'
and how it may relate to our, "Future".

Enjoy the videos and then you may want to consider the implications of this future!