Sunday, 24 April 2011


While researching techniques for using Household Bleach ( see my blog post and video on, this Anime Character kept appearing.
I admire the Anime artists and some of the artists work is really good atmospheric graphic art on this video.
It's amazing these days what you find when researching on the internet sometimes it's good stuff, other times uh oh!! This is on the good side!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Gone Surfing

Jenn (my daughter) and her boyfriend have gone down to Cornwall for the week to visit his family and hopefully do some swimming and surfing. I have been there done that and love the water sports! I mainly watch these days. Hopefully there will be no sharks visiting Cornwall wanting a snack!!!
This film is coming out later this year, it's a really inspirational film on how to get back on your board!
It also contains "Firework", by Katy Perry as the end theme.

Katy Perry

This video by Katy Perry is so inspirational and so true!

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Art Music

A relaxing Sunday morning watched this video, fascinating how it was drawn and made. Enjoy!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Digital Collage

Most artists start with their practice and now move through into other art skills and develop a completely new piece of work.
I think, create and make the work then photograph place on a blog or website and then go on to manipulate into digital imagery, combining further to create something unlike the original.
This video shows some of this content.

More fun and Chocolate

I don't often like the adverts but this is so cool and clever.

A Bit of Fun

I love watching extreme sports and when it combines with fun, I am in there!


I am going to add more videos to express the ideas of where my work is going. I will start by adding other peoples to capture the essence first and hopefully this will share the inspiration with you.
I have been going down this avenue for some time and it was when I went on a fellow Wordpress bloggers site that it hit me what I needed to do and it has opened up an even bigger creative world for me, adding videos to your site to express and aid ideas. My Blogger and Wordpress website had been pretty static, so for the last two days I have been playing with putting videos on and also viewing videos out there. I warn you I have really diverse tastes and it all mixes in how I relate to the world and how I create my work. You can see a small selection so far in the Vodpod Viewer opposite.
This is another creative side of me from tradition to contemporary.

This video inspired me so Thank you Kira.
I love the animation and the textiles.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

First Post for Art2Inspire Tech

Welcome to my new Blogsite, Art2Inspire Tech.
This site will enable me to display and share my experience with contemporary art, the inspiration and contact with technology especially videos within my art practice. I often start my work by traditional practices then expand them into modern art pieces. These works I felt needed a contemporary site for sharing.