Monday, 19 December 2011

Origami Paper Stars

I have been making and demonstrating how to make these origami stars out of
Christmas Wrapping Paper over the last couple of weeks.
I gave them away to the students who popped into
The Gallery Open Day Session on the 13th of December and sold some for Charity too!
See my blog posts about this on my daily blog below.
Instead of using money I used good quality Christmas Wrapping Paper
and cut the five rectangles, 4" by 7" which made them easier to handle by most
It was lovely to see people apprehensive at first because of the thought of the star
but as they repeated the points , the star started to come together and when they were holding
their own finished star, they were smiling and appreciating what they could make out of five bits of paper!
Origami can be a daunting skill for some if not made into easy steps and fun!
Enjoy making and sharing these as I have done.
Thank you to all that post wonderful makes and share their creativity on You Tube!

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