Friday, 18 January 2013

Snow Magic

Due to the snow, I have had to cancel my classes this week and so I had the opportunity to do lots of reading and research. The snow has been amazing and when I did venture out, the sun made the snow sparkle like magic. I did some research on myth and legend surrounding snow and found some interesting sites! I liked the fairy and nature myths. 'Faerie', meaning, 'conscious intelligent, animant energy'. I found this beautiful video that also contains excepts from the film "Fairy Tale- a True Story". My first choice video above contains the Frost Faerie and beautiful music.
Watch a montage of the film 'Fairy Tale- A True Story'.

 This also led me to investigate more and I came across a film" The Gateways to Faerie" by John Crawford a famous puppeteer who makes fairie houses and gives workshops.

Enjoy the videos and consider your own magic!
Visit John Crawford's website HERE

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